Twin Notes ~XXXVIII~



A few things:

(1) So, in order to find out my “rising” sign and such (I have zero time, space, or bandwidth for a true study of astrowhatever right now but I trust its a thing), I had to order a long-form birth certificate ($60 bucks + shipping.. isnt that ridiculous??) to get the birth time.

It came in the mail today.

Dunno if it matters but I was VERY off in what id always thought. Almost opposite.

Im not exactly sure what all that means “astrologically” per se but I’m sure you’ll have a witchy hay day with it.

Btw – Did you ever find out the time of your birth? I think about that so much (and your birth in general)… was it on the letter that lady wrote???

(2) Speaking of stars….. The ONE addition/change I’d make to this song… in order to make it perfect… would be adding two words to the chorus: “Ooooooooooooo Good things come to those who learn to (work and) wait……” (Well, I sing it aloud that way anyway 🤣)

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