Dream Journal: The Heart [4/21/22]


Horus stands before a set of incredibly large scales.

In his hands he his holding two Egyptian hieroglyphs; I do not know their meaning.

The one in his left hand: a sort of crooked staff, facing left.

In his right hand: the shape was a sort of bowl; it looked like the bottom slice of a circle.

And, somehow and at the same time, the symbol in his right hand was an actual heart; he was holding it in his hands. 

He holds it out towards me. He gestured me with his head.

He bid me to eat it.

I take the heart into my hands.

It is golden, glowing, emitting and oozing a kind of sludgy, dripping golden elixir; the swish and swash of it seemed to be moving in a clockwise, circular motion. 

He looks at me, and stares. I see the anticipation in his eyes at what I will do (and if I’ll actually do it)

I feel hope and anticipation rise and swell somewhere in my stomach. 

I pause, and hesitate.

What do I need in order eat this? 

“Do you wish to proceed?” Horus asks. 

I pause.

“Yes,” I say.

And I eat the heart. 

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