Dream Journal: The Rat [3/29/22]


huge infinity symbol
somewhere up in the sky
huge rat comes up behind it
grasps it with both hands
near the the mid-section
and twists it into knots.
looks like a rope now
rat starts eating the rope
rat’s razor sharp teeth
eating and eating and won’t stop
I yell at the rat but he won’t stop
knowing I’m observing and unable to do anything, I cry out for help, for someone to please stop this rat!
It seemed like several people came, immediately; they were shadowy but not dark and began hitting the rat with their sticks. But their sticks became like sponges on the top of the rats head, and they could do nothing.
The rats ravenous feast could not be stopped. He laid there tearing through the knots with his razor sharp teeth even as people walked by, stepping on his head, and overtime he did not feel them nor he they.

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