Twin Notes ~XXXIX~


You should go ~ you probs can’t/won’t. But I wish you’d put your hooves into the ground tonight and say yes in allowing yourself to be loved ~ to hear, feel, see, touch, taste and sip the wordless truth of it

Don’t worry ~ NO, i won’t be there (🤣🤣 u freak – I wish)

Either way… for one helluva mother: happy (early) mother’s day

PS I have a lot of PS’s to say ~ lots indeed ~ but I’ll just say i have so many posts to finish and it’s been a lil cray cray around here of a completely different kind (to say the least)

PPS that next level connection last week (or two? Three?) with the face-to -face eye-contact was real AF. It broke the matrix for me yet again. And if you have no idea of what I’m talking about, well, (1) that’s probably how it’s supposed to work 🤣 , and (2) that’d be very interesting to know, and beneficial, and key collaborative data, and healthy 😇 ✌🏼

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