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As Jupiter moves into Aries while Mercury stations retrograde, may we feel deliberate in our actions, looking before we leap. May we feel our vitality renewed and we decide where to place our passions, charging forward with intentional resolve.

May 10, 2022 — Jupiter moves into Aries on Tuesday in an epic shift of energy that will last a full year, in one of the biggest astrological events of 2022. Jupiter is focusing his magnifying lens away from exalted, transcendent Pisces, toward action-oriented Aries. As Jupiter moves into the first sign of the zodiac, we can feel freshness and newness infuse our bodies, minds, and souls. Fiery passions are now igniting, while a new sense of confidence and dynamism grows inside of us.

The shadow of this transit is that we might experience more selfishness, anger, fighting, or war. But if we can harness these energies properly, we’ll begin to feel our courage expand. Jupiter in Aries can help us go after our dreams, with rigor and fearless resolve.

Beginning on the same day, from May 10 until June 2, Mercury starts retrograding through Gemini. He’ll move back into Taurus on May 22, then return to Gemini on June 13. Even as we feel more vitality and the urge to initiate projects, express our passions, and become more active, Mercury retrograde is asking us to slow down and carefully consider our options. We can dip into our hearts and ask ourselves what we truly want to say out loud. We’re reviewing, reflecting, and integrating old conversations, interactions, thought patterns, and choices. We’re deciding who we want to spend time and collaborate with, and how we want to communicate moving forward.

A key word for this period is curiosity. We can look back and see where our mindsets and beliefs have become too rigid and move forward asking questions, with more openness and willingness to dialogue.

While many fear Mercury retrograde, it’s a beautiful opportunity to turn inward and tune into our psychic abilities. We can communicate with our hearts rather than our words—noticing our dreams, journaling, meditating, and creating art and music as part of our mental process. This provides a much-needed opportunity to pause with deliberation and care as Jupiter in Aries goads us to leap off the cliff and begin our new passionate endeavors.

  • Where do we want to place our energies now?
  • What do we want to start that we know we can actually finish?
  • What and who are worthy of our passions?

We’re still in the midst of eclipse season, and the big lessons right now are about self-worth and relational maturity. With the Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse arriving on May 15, we’re releasing old patterns, relationships, and complications that no longer serve us, learning to be simpler as we settle into ourselves. We’re working through old doubt and unnecessary trauma and pain so that we can embody our highest potentials.

Aries rules confidence and directness, and we can feel our spines strengthen right now as we clarify our desires. We are building the courage to inhabit our bodies more fully as we speak our truth. Aries cries, “I am!” We can all learn how to be more of who we are as Jupiter makes his way through the sign of the childlike, bold, and daring Ram.

Jupiter in Aries dates:
May 10–October 28, 2022
December 20, 2022–May 16, 2023

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