Morning Prayer -XXXVI-


“The Way and Its Power”

Lao Tzu in Tao Te Ching

“To remain whole, be twisted!”

To become straight,
let yourself be bent.

To become full,
be hollow.

Be tattered,
that you may be renewed.

Those that have little
may get more.

Those that have much
are but perplexed.

The Sage

clasps the Primal Unity

testing by it everything under heaven

He does not show himself;
therefore he seen everywhere.

He does not define himself;
therefore he is distinct.

He does not boast of what he will do;
therefore he succeeds.

He is not proud of his work;
 and therefore it endures.

He does not contend;

and for that very reason
no one under heaven can contend with him.

So then we see that the ancient saying
“To remain whole, be twisted!”
was no idle word;

for true wholeness
can only be achieved
by return.

~Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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