The Art of Healing -XIII-


“You wake up.

You feel a tinge of discomfort.

A pang of sorrow or sadness looking to resurface.

But you’re late.

The day has begun, and others are counting on you to move with it.

Your production is more important than your emotional body.

Or is it?

Beyond a realm of sight lives a different reality.

This reality is assembled via the waves and cycles of emotional presence.

Anger interlocking with shame, old residue cemented over cracks of trauma and insight that has lingered, like a lost ghost, in this unseen realm for ages.

It’s not rocket science. It’s just restrained emotions that want to be freed.

Why is it so hard for us?

Animals seem to recover from trauma much quicker

They shake it off, they yell, they feel, and then they move on.

We carry our past emotions until they become heavy enough to turn into stories, belief systems, warped versions of reality that seal our hopes and dreams into lost causes.

It’s inversion.

We take all of the pain and darkness that desires to rise within us, and we recycle it back into ourselves.

Shame, orbiting our pain, as reckless and illusioned thoughts rush to deny the essence, the purity of our hurt.

How often do we think our emotions away?
How often do we invert our emotions? Taking our God-given rage and projecting it inside of ourselves?

Crippling our own hearts rather than allowing the primordial spirit of suffering to speak.

The tiger doesn’t think before it growls.
The lion doesn’t question its body before it roars.
The deer doesn’t overanalyze its undeniable inclination to run.

Animals understand the fine art of allowance.

Anything that subjects the body to over analyzation, mental rituals that shame the piercing core of our emotional expression, is a part of the mind/body that has been hijacked into stifling its own healing process.

To heal is to reach the core of your emotional pain.

Not pain emanating from the coffee that spilled on the counter, or the person who cut you off in traffic.

To heal is to go beyond that.

Beyond the shame cycles of emotional inversion,
beyond the need to overtly criticize the body and soul.

Deep into the oasis of true hurt, the core trauma that hasn’t yet been acknowledged and understood.

This is where healing occurs.

Just because we cannot see this world of emotional sentience, doesn’t mean it’s not puppeteering our consciousness, persuading the energetic strings that guide us to fall into spiralized loops of seemingly endless suffering.

Trauma, when not fully released, imprisons us.
It cycles not only within but around us, meeting us at every turn until it catches our attention again.

The emotions within us are so intelligent, they are willing to move through external reality just to feel seen and valued by us.

They try desperately to meet us, all we have to do is attempt to meet them. To hear their story. To feel them rather than shame them. To honor rather than invert them.

This realm speaks to us through symbols and repeating idiosyncrasies, worldly turbulence, synchronicities, and nuanced expressions.
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

If you want to find the secrets of your soul, follow the energy, frequencies, and vibrations that manifest as raw emotional presence. They will lead you to your truth, and this will liberate you.
As the lion roars from a place of pure presence, you too become the liberated lion, when you free your body to remember the soul its emotions were forever attempting to remind it of.”

~Mary Allison

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