Twin Notes: 6/1


This was cool ~ and has never happened before: a “message” [cringy word] in my journal to someone else.

For the record I don’t like posting these.

But im don complaining about the calling and the job.

I also hate that it makes me look preachy. #EndOfRant

(The “sender” here would be my “KA” [hard to explain this but would be a RELIEF for your psyche and your own personal life if you knew about it] + my Teacher [ya know… “THE Teacher” as Wu Tan says… and you KNOW who that is I’m talking about, and I only THOUGHT I knew Him before, and nope it ain’t no joke, Jack, the dude is as real as you and me]

I also feel u need to hear that it’s important you to try and grasp/understand/remember this: personhood, the unique identity of an individual, is static and not relative, interchangable, reassignable, etc.

Not at all.

to become is to be something so fully that the former is swallowed up in order to give birth to the new. To become is to BE so fully that even death is embraced ~ knowing that this very thing is required in the process of becoming. To BE is to become…. And this becoming is truly a making “new….” … an act of creation….. an entirely non-existent thing that comes into existence, from out of the “old” ~ created from it and BECAUSE of its death, even, a necessary golden seed for the getmation of new life; the fuel the fire needed in order for the phoenix to rise from the flames.

It’s not something tweaked, healed, revamped, upgraded, improved, imported, or added onto.

It’s something altogether NEW.

Its not something revamped, reimported, or reinterpreted. It’s NEW. It’s literally an act of creation, thanks to the death of the former.

It’s NEW.

And btw…. The creation of something new…. is Something that only…., the gods can do….


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