Sight Problems


Sight Problems

September 10, 2021

Maybe the problem is
this kind of love is fa-
miliar to you and too

uncomfortably close. Its i-
ronic, you know, that the 
burn is the silence you

ironically near and now
presently here and held
with a “Yes.. Oh my…

the deep, deep
dawning of insight
inside your bones
as if they are your
Self’s very eyes to the

maybe the “problem”
the reality of recognition,
that the “there…. Oh! right
THERE. Oh my God…“

what do you do
with this knowing?

what do you do when
you – without asking,
without thought of per-
mission to behold –
behold now her soul
in present existence
like never before- with

And suddenly see
                            and know
                            more than allowed?
                            more than you should? 

What if you see
what you’re not
supposed to see?

what’s it taste like?

(what even is taste?)

what’s it feel like
to be so suddenly
hungry having tasted
the fruit on this tree
of Knowledge and know
what is True?

are my eyes
supposed to be this open? 

wouldn’t it make for per-
plexing new problems?

Did they not arrive from
Providence’s mystical hand? 

What exactly, child,
is the problem? 

Ahhh…that something is TRUE?

That it exists? despite the
impossibility on account of
man’s laws about nature and
the world and what “is”?

Do you hear yourself 
right now? 

Are you full of shit?

Or are you ready
truly ready
to embrace what you know
over what they say
and do?

you understand

without having ever
fully known
at all

You need not explain…

for you cannot explain
that this is what is and
that this is what Love is
and that Love is eternally

So you:
Be True.

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