When You Moved

When You Moved

June 3, 2022

I remember the day
the moment 
things shifted
when you moved
and started doing


Without Soul.

“Savagely” comes to mind.

I felt it the moment you shifted.

I penned a poem that day,
feeling something I couldn’t
quite understand.

But now…
Now I
think I


August 18, 2021

you were
a warm coal in my chest
forever resting, residing
warm and alive in the ribs
a constant
a return to you each time I
returned unto myself inside

but, you moved
and I found you
after searching

you are
a cold constant in the dark
sunken down deep, weighty
a vibrating stone in the gut

and all my senses tell me
that this too shall not pass
but remain a somatic fact
until appointed time

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