what have you done?

Did you not know that seeing
gives birth to knowledge and
knowledge gives birth to forethought
and forethought gives birth to form and,
when matched with a mortal man’s will…

make a wish….

This is hardly “magic”;
there are Laws even the
gods must surrender to.


Turn round now, and see your
fantasies come alive and real:
did you not expect the monsters
in your head to be this terribly and truly
real once brought into the living world?

You made this.

You did this.

the experiential
the touchable
the tangible
the tender
the soft
the living and the true
are believed, birthed, brought, beheld, and
burned by the very gods who created them,
all the outcomes of divine command having
consumed it’s creation by taking and using
what it wants
when it wants
how it wants
then discard
and abandon
all the outcome
of a dark divine command.


what have you done?

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