Your Work Is Still Yet Unfinished


O Universe,
your work
is yet still

O Great Mother,
Show Me That Woman Who
Matches My Soul’s Ambition
In Love and Light and Truth
Refusing To Leave The Dead Half-Alive
Walks Speaks Lives Her From Her KA Freely
In The Open Light Of Day, Though It Cost Her Everything.

O Father Sky,
Show Me The One Who
Desires The Greater And Higher Life
Than The Ones We Have Made For Ourselves
Accepting Our Lots Like Cowards & Supressive Arrogant Savages Scarred From
Dreaming And Drowing In The
Dregs of High Suburbian Sludge
Swallowing and Choking on Liberty’s Freedom

O Holy and Sacred Earth,
Heal The Wounds From Our
Trauma of Foreknowledge.
Show Us The Memory Of
Your Daughter’s Singular,
Unquenchable Ambition
To Bring Into Being That
Which Is New Life For All

this world
has suffered

Are We To Accomplish The Mission
For Which You Sent Us Here To Do?

Shame our pride
Shame our arrogance
Shame our ambition for
status quo and “freedom”
and make the Greater come.

Make it so.
Make it so.
At all costs,
Make it so.


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