2/15 (Part 5)

2/15: Part 5

(Continued in Part 6)


“Let me sit with her a while,” the Mother said to me, gently, though not in those words or language,  ust outside the hearing of the girl (who now looked more like a young lady – and, increasingly MORE beautiful, every single time I looked at her).

And I simultaneously understood that this also was also The Teacher’s way of asking me to return inside for a quick meeting.

And she suggested that I return to lodge for a moment. “Let me tend to her,” she said. “For I can tend to her in ways that you cannot.” And I looked into The Mother’s face and saw her eyes and saw a whole other world of healing, like the 2nd half of a single coin. And I understood immediately why she wanted this moment with this young lady, though I knew nothing of its specific form or story or features ~ just the substance of the feeling. The essence of the connection. The love. It was a parental one, almost – and one of adoption. It was a love that I shared (something divine),  but at the same time, it was a love that I – in my masculine – possess differently.

And I looked into The Mother’s eyes, and with all of my love and gratitude, smiled and nodded and gave approval for bridging their connection.

“I won’t be long,” I assured her. “I need to go back inside for a minute and meet with my Teacher.”

“You go,” she said. “I will take care of her now.” 

I nodded. My heart glowed with an appreciation for Her. 

The girl, still tucked into my arm, looked up at me. Some fear on her face – fear of the unknown. I could feel it all within me: What’s going on? Are you going to leave me? Are you going to forget to come back? Can I still trust you? Was I a fool for it all? Are you going to hurt me? Will you please keep me safe? 

And turning back to the young lady, I gently touched her hands and fingers, and showed her the Wheel. “It’s ok,” I said, seeing the fear in her eyes that it was some trick, leading to abandonment. “It’s ok,” I assured her, smiling, “I promise. Everything’s ok. I just need to return inside for a moment – and I’ll be right back. Oh, and – would you please hold this for me while I’m gone?” I asked. 

And I placed the medicine wheel into the palm of her hand. And she held it there, staring, as if unable to move. “Hold it for me a while, ok? I’ll return for it soon. I promise.” And she looked into my eyes, and she knew I was telling her the Truth. And looking down at the Wheel, her fingers trembled as she slowly placed them through the slots, as if mimicking a faded memory of what she saw me do around the fire as I danced for her dead, bleeding soul.

The way she touched the wheel…. In childlike curiosity…and fear… was exactly -EXACTLY- the way someone close to me did, long ago, in a school parking lot….

I got up from the bench to leave. I wanted so badly to turn and watch and observe their interaction, staying longer from a distance – but their moment was not between me. It was between them.

However… as I stepped back through the door…I stole a furtive glance….

I cannot describe the beauty of what I saw. I simply cannot.

But I suspect – no,  I KNOW

there’s one other person,

just one,

alive and living on planet earth today
who might have felt it and experienced it


the one who touched the wheel
just like she did.
Their hands, and fingers, moved
exactly the same
when holding it.

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