Moon Mindfulness -XX-

Moon Mindfulness

Full Moon in Sagitarrius

A Sagittarius Full Moon arrives on Tuesday at 4:51am Pacific Time, activating the Galactic Center—the rotational center of our galaxy. In astrology, it represents a cosmic portal and source of profound wisdom. As the Full Moon falls close to this point, we may notice an influx of spiritual downloads, heart openings, and philosophical quandaries. With the Moon also squaring Neptune, we can align with our higher minds, relaxing our intellects while feeling extra connected to poetry and Spirit.

This square to Neptune can trigger confusion, over-idealization, or disillusionment. As our hopes and romanticism swell, we can remember to keep our feet firmly planted on the Earth. We can call on the wisdom of Sagittarius, who reminds us to enjoy the journey, no matter the outcome.

The highest potential of Neptune is to embrace what is. If we’re experiencing heartbreak or disappointment, we can trust that this is exactly where we’re supposed to be, even if it doesn’t make sense yet. We can generate reverence for this moment, allowing our pain to become a feast of richness that brings long-lasting insight. We can loosen our tight grips and let the cosmic currents carry us downstream, knowing that wherever we go is perfect, transcending anything that we can humanly figure out.

I had a mentor for many years who would tell me a story about two roads near his house on Cape Cod. One was bulldozed and the other created by rainfall. He said that the one made by rainfall was always in perfect condition, while the manmade road was constantly in a state of disrepair. We can learn from this, handing ourselves over to gravity, allowing our natural flow to reveal our next steps forward.

We could feel spiritual replenishment now, which is especially helpful since we are beginning a more acute healing journey this week. Mars, planet of anger and assertion, is preparing to meet up with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. A potent recalibration of everything Martian is now starting and will pick up again when Mars begins to retrograde at the end of October.

Profound healing is possible if we call on this Full Moon to help us soften our hearts and minds, and let go of control. It is very possible that everything will work out in beautiful ways that we could never even imagine.

~ Juliana McCarthy

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