Uncle [X]

my first
for you, my
dude, is this:
I just hope she
doesn’t call you 
“Uncle.” For real.
Because, if she does,
chances are I’ve already
seen your face in hell with
the rest of the bodies of well-
intentioned father’s that she’s
piled high on top of her secret-
stack, the big one in the darkness;
all those discarded inconveniences like
dead “trophies” once glistening gold now
and gone.

Go past the
storage doors
if you dare (or
care) for Truth.

Most don’t.

Few do. 

The rest are liars
or cowards
or both

(and to
the one
after him:)
May you
never see
what I had
to see on
your behalf,
and always will.

And I love you.

And you’re welcome.

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