Morning Prayer -XLII-


I unclutter my consciousness today, and rid myself of old patterns, wrong hurts, and old beliefs. I close the book on yesterday and focus my thoughts on today. Equipped with fresh ideas, feelings, and new ways of living, I am now free to proceed with the business of life. I already have everything I need to do this.

I am changing into a more effective person. With joy, I banish fear and guilt from my mind. I let go the outworn ideas, the futile emotions, the anguish and uncertainty that have been the obstacles to my recovery. Yesterday is finished – I am ready to get on with the business of today.

My recovery is not dependent upon the resolution of yesterday’s problems. Those problems are only as relevant as they apply to today. My recovery takes place in the present.

Each day is God’s gift to me. I respect the good, the beauty, and even the pain I have known. However, I keep my thinking and feeling centered upon this day.

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