just one slice

The sharpest sword

 is the one with
 2 edges

 and ours is
 a hidden blade

I can make light of what this is,
forever resting on its precipice
and hold it up as some kind of
far-off Inspiration, some lesson
from a past life, thus freeing me
from the responsibility and weight
of here and now, especially while
there’s so much fun to be had and 

people to play with and
purple hats to be worn. 

But the blade’s
2nd edge

cuts quick
the news
of Truth’s

I will make open, instead,

of what you are, and what
this is, and refuse to label 

Truth’s wisdom
 and mysteries

 as “negative”
(which is needed,
along with the positive,
in order to conduct a charge
powerful enough to cause fireworks). 

Ka-boom, bitchez.

Let there be light.

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