Moon Mindfulness: Leo New Moon (7/28/22)



The Leo New Moon arrives on Thursday at 10:54am Pacific Time, encouraging our spontaneity, playfulness, and humor—a welcome relief after a heavy Capricorn Full Moon a couple weeks ago. Jupiter has stationed, preparing to retrograde just hours after this lunation. This makes his supportive trine to the New Moon extra significant. The usual expansiveness and extravagance of Jupiter is turning inward. It’s time to step into our primordial confidence, which comes from our inner light rather than external pageantry.

We’re ready to round the corner and release self-doubt. We can shine brightly in our joy and express love and creativity, without fear of what others may think. How we feel inside and show up in the world doesn’t need to be tethered to other people’s perceptions. If we’re beaming our authenticity and taking pleasure in who we are, there are no mistakes.

We can play and participate in the joy of life—the decadence and celebration—knowing that this is not separate from our spirituality. We don’t need to be ascetic to be spiritual. We can enjoy the dance of earthly existence and our great capacities for love and passionate self-expression.

On this Leo New Moon, may we feel confident radiating our authentic hearts, releasing our fears of being judged. No matter our struggles or hardships, may we take time to laugh and connect with others, remembering why we love the world and this precious experience of being human.….


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