girl in the corner


She sat in the corner.

Somewhere on the left, and up ahead. Yet in between the periphery shadows and the Light.

She looked at me and was simultaneously chewing, licking, and swishing her tail.

“Why do like me so much,” she said.

Like you?” I laughed. “I’m not so sure I do.”

She reacted to this. Stronger than she wouldve liked. Her wicked smile melted about half. Her nose scrunched. She could see that I could see, and she became angry.

“But,” she mocked , “you still ‘have the heart?'”

And she tossed her head and hair with a laugh, licking her lips again with fire.

I turned more directly towards her. And with a smile said, “Whom have I in heaven but you?…” Her smile turned into a frown. I continued: “There is nothing on Earth I desire but you…” Her frown turned into a scowl. “… and though my heart and my flesh may fail, the Lord is my chosen portion and my cup forever.”

And then she vanished.

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