the dark people, pt. 1



1. Downing. “Whenever Mom is here.”

2. Paisano. “Moms is where I see them the most”

3. Round Rock. “Sometimes at Nona and Poppy’s”

4. Liberty. (1x, the final night’s stay) “Please don’t leave me alone tonight; I saw the dark people; they’re here” (the night he couldn’t sleep w/o me + the hand of another)


Positive Negatives:

– Sunset Valley “Never at Dwee’s old house”

– Church St. “Never at Dwees new house, but here you’ve been with me.”

–  Father. “Never with you, whenever you’re with me.” And additionally: “And never anytime you’re with me at any of those other places [Downing, Round Rock, etc]… never at the Lakehouse…. never when we go camping…pretty much whenever you’re with me, I never see them.”

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