2/13 pt. 7

My, my, my,
How busy you’ve been,
she said.


And the buzz was loud
in my left hand side.

And I looked and saw
Three, as One,
laying in my arms.
and next to me
and next to us a Wasp Queen,
drooling venom from her mouth
inches from my face
her form like a giant
and looking on the girl
below in my arms

The heat of the poison
was palpable

And the Mother rose
from my right hand side
with a calming smile,
and whispered:
“Now you just leave her to me…”
and walked across the threshold
to face and speak with the Wasp.

Not a word was heard
among the two of us
sitting there in that swing,
watching on with both eyes opened,
eyes of the living and eyes of the dead.
Not a word was heard or even seemed
to be spoken between those two out there,
just a standing – and a knowing.
It was more than a showdown.
It was more like, the birth of god.
An announcement to the universe
of an adoption so true the only response is silence.

And I swear to you,
on the grave of my father,
In the heart of city with the moon near full,
I heard a rooster crow as we looked on, though the sun had yet a million miles to rise.

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