Do priests ever play pinball?


she liked to play the game
her way
both hands gripping the machine.

she said: “but you never seen a wizard like me,” and I smiled and nodded like a father to a child, helping her maintain her excitement, and groaned inside wondering when her mom would be home.

she took the bait.

And never came home.

How do you tell your kid that?

The girl pulled the lever back
and held it there a while, shaking,
even stared for a while with a grin.
“Watch this shit,” she said.
I aleady have, I said inside, over
and over. I know you cannot feel
anymore. Not without scents and screens.
she reached again to drop me in
found me in another form,
the form I’ve always been in,
changed, and still the same.

“You did this.”

Oh if only
it were so.
If only.

Let me tell you what never happens:

A wild bear acting all grateful

when released from a cage

especially this one.


I foresee a savings on gas&light expenses. Gonna be rich.

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