Evening Prayer ~XLII~


The crowd bristled, checking for the exits, calculating escape times and generating a justifiable rationale for leaving their elderly relatives behind.

‘Even crazier still is the reason Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen. Not so that in the future he may get to experience life again, but because Mickey Mouse is self-aware. And Disney Land is his Truman Show-esque world. Once he finds out, he’ll go on a rampage the likes the world has ever seen and Walt is the only one who can stop him.’

‘Mickey?’ enquires a toddler, grasping a plush of the mouse.

‘Yes.’ Brian says, taking a seat next to her. ‘In reality, he’s a 6 foot genetically engineered mouse. Who, when faced with its true reality and the psychological break which will follow, is likely to rip your face off.’

The child bursts into tears. Unaware of the trauma he’s dished out, Brian rises and continues his lecture. ‘So, if they’re keeping all this from us. What else is there?’

Salvation comes in the form of the verger.

‘Brian.’ He says. ‘What are you doing?’

~ Matt Williams

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