Worth It


Sometimes in life
you have to say things
for what they are.

You have to look at them,
from all angles
even the ones
that you hate.

Especially those.

And then
you have to remember
all the times
that you’ve been here before,
in this spot
and in this place
with all the wagons circled
till once again you’re living
your own déjà vu.

you better feel
the shame in that
if you want to feel what’s next.

Before you say
another thing,
just ask yourself:

what was the guiding question
the last time I was here?

What about the time before that?

And the time before that?

What makes me happy?
What gives me peace?
What gives me joy?

Look at where
they all got you:
back here again,
wagons circled.
Except, now….
has changed.


Let me speak
to all the gods here
and those all around
who can hear me:

It’s time you open your ears
and listen.

will all be
just as the runes say
it will all be.

will all go
just as the runes say
it will all go.

So speaks the runes.


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