Evening Mindfulness ~XXXIII~


… by this kingdom of God we understand the soul, for the soul is of like nature with the Godhead. 

Hence all that has been said here of the kingdom of God, how God is himself the kingdom, may be said with equal truth of the soul. St. John says: “All things were made by him.” This refers to the soul, for the soul is all things. The soul is all things in that she is an image of God and as such she is also the kingdom of God; as God is essentially in himself without beginning so in the kingdom of the soul he is, as essence, without end. 

“God,” says one philosopher, “is in the soul in such a fashion that his whole Godhead hangs upon her.” 

It is far better for God to be in the soul than for the soul to be in God. The soul is not happy because she is in God; she is happy because God is in her.

~ Carl Jung, Psychology of Yoga and Meditation, Page 242-243

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