Evening Mindfulness ~XXXV~


Once there lived a wolf who slaughtered a great many sheep and reduced many people to tears. At length, I do not know why, he suddenly felt qualms of conscience and begun to repent his life; so he decided to reform and to slaughter no more sheep. In order to do this seriously he went to a priest and asked him to hold a thanksgiving service.

The priest began the service and the wolf stood weeping and praying in the church. The service was long. The wolf had slaughtered many of the priests sheep, therefore the priest prayed earnestly that the wolf would indeed reform. Suddenly the wolf looked through a window and saw that sheep were being driven home. He began to fidget but the priest went on and on without end.

At last the wolf could contain himself no longer and he shouted: “Finish it priest! Or all the sheep will be driven home and I shall be left without super!”

~An ancient Armenian fable

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