know your witches


my neighbor once told me
that she was a white witch
and a psychic.

“But not all witches are the same color,” she said. “In the end, every true witch has to pick a side. You can’t be both. You have to choose. It ultimately comes down to this: Are you going to be a servant of the Light, or the Dark?”

Not all humans are sadistic psychopaths.

And not all witches are manipulative Machiavellians.

“But many are,” she said. “And not all witches are White, either.”

“How do you know?” I asked.

“You don’t,” she said. “Not right away. Well, YOU might. Just keep watching.”

Not all witches are bad bitches.

Not all witches lie and deceive.

“Be careful of the black ones.”

Not all witches use and abuse.

“Especially the black ones.”

Not all witches cheat and steal.

“Witches who serve the black can be dangerously toxic.”

And so I watched.

“They target people, consume them, and discard or abandon them when they are finished, destroying them ultimately for no one else’s gain but theirs. People are like a game to them. Little pieces on a chessboard.”

I watched for a long time.

“Just keep watching, from a distance,” she told me. “Because, in the end, every witch eventually shows her true colors.”

I watched very, very closely.

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