[3/17] Hecate


I sensed F’s presence as soon as she approached, the air crackling with magic and elemental mystery.

The Lady of Fólkvangr is here.

She approaches me.

A familiar and simple symbol appears on the page.

She speaks:

“The symbols are a key to virtue.”

I contemplate this.

“Everyone of them has a place.”

And with the wave of her hand, another symbol appears and in place of the other. 5 circular rings, arranged and balanced and interconnected, with a central axis ring in the middle. I’d never seen it before.

“This symbol has a place too,” she said.

I stare at the new symbol, allowing intuitions and thoughts and feelings to rise and form, bringing out color and light and hinted whispers of nuanced meaning.

“Odin taught you the runes. But I will teach you the magic behind them.”

The air stills around us and a poignant sincerity enters the room.

I submit my hand to the heavenly queen and she draws another symbol. It is new to me; but I recognize it immediately as a triple moon.

“Hecate,” she says softly. “Who is she?”

I feel a peculiar resistance spring up at the mention of her name. But why? It feels old, former, outdated; childish, even.

Then she looked at intently and said: “Know her.”

“…..She has been compared to the Norse goddess of the underworld Hel…. in Egypt, the goddess Isis…. In Christianity, the Virgin Mary…. The triple-faced maiden/mother/crone goddess…. A Titanes of magic, witchcraft, and sorcery….. the maker of nine “wild women” who punished trespassing males….. the goddess of the crossroads and protector of entrances….. assisted Demeter in the search for Persephone to the underworld…. the lover of Hermes and mother of Circe…..”


F: “Know her shrine.”

I meditate on all this, and the room goes black…..


I awake.

A new presence in the room.

Though I have not directly met her before (maybe I have without knowing?), I know who this presence is.

She approaches me.

She is holding a torch staff and shrouded in darkness. A glowing crown of moon rays.

And the triple goddess speaks:


Her tone was serious.

She came closer.

“You married* a Persephone of sorts. And that makes you my business, whether you like it or not. Harming her is not something I am willing to accept.

She set her pole/staff down into the ground, standing it upright. The crown on your head shining ever so fiercely with long pointy moon rays. She was not smiling. She was serious and grave. And yet, I could sense…. an openness.

She looked into me.

“Only together can we build order, the kind The Christ demands.“

I chewed on this statement for a minute. The quantum and mythological implications of it are astounding.

“There are other myths for you to learn and follow, she continued. “What’s left? What’s right? What’s up ahead and behind and present? Place them in their proper home. They will orbit through you, coming and going ~ like planets.”

And I saw them all moving through her/me as if they were moving through phases of the moon, the goddess herself standing still and letting all things come and go.

“I can only take you through, and in, but not unto them directly. He (ie, T/H) is your escort and shower/finder of the ways.”

And I thought back on this, and my previous year’s journey with T/H, and I saw with further clarity the interconnectedness of things on my path, and how a connection with one god leads to a connection with another.

“Once mine always mine ….. and you are mine, but by a blood that is neither mine nor yours.”

An image of the Christ enters my mind.

She breathed on me and became gentle, motherly, and protective. “May we be at peace, and have peace, and achieve peace….” And alongside the motherly peace there arouse a protective, wolfish, subdued fury: “…. and where there is vengeance and justice,” she supplicantly growled, “…. May it be done according to the decrees set and ordinances applicable. Amen.”

A smile.

And then she was gone.


F: See? Magic 🙂

T/H: Shall we carry on, then?

I: Yes, Hermes. Continue.


* = Not literally; far deeper. The word felt like a cheap flimsy substitute for an essence of meaning more along the lines of “you made a sacred, unbreakable, unconditional infinite covenant with….”

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