[3/28] “Not all gods…”


She came to me.


And not brought.

She came herself.

And this time, alone.

(yet – not…)

“Luke…” she said.

She loved her power.

She sounded like herself.

She was.

Just… not like the one I knew.

“I’m not who you think I am.”

Her voice was deeper.

And….. truer

than I’ve ever heard before.

Fuck all this dumb shit!”

she spat suddenly.

“What dumb shit?” I ask.

YOUR dumb shit,” she snarled.

“All this hoopin and hollerin….” and then, softening her tone, “….it’s gotten ya nowhere, Jack.”

She said it with a snarkish grin and a snarl with a fire in her eyes and an elusive secret hidden “Fuck you” underneath it all.

I spotted this and wondered how many do not and grieved the answer.

She began to move and swirl.

“Tonight… we cum…”

She said it with an indescribable and wordless pull and draw – impossible to describe.

I ask:

“You are not who I think you are?”

She grins:

“Noooo ….nnnot even close….”

୭: ash…..
Ashley no more.

୭: Return, young bird.
Return from where you came.

F: Not all gods are worth listening to.
Not all should be obeyed.
Seek your Master
and you’ll know.

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