Free Jungian Summit on Narcissism


A collegue of mine shared this with me and I wanted to post it here. A fantastic opportunity – and free!

– Charlie Young

Gain a deeper understanding of narcissism with Thomas Moore, Larry Ward, Michael Meade and many others.

Narcissism has become one of the most trending topics of our culture. 

What makes someone a narcissist? How do you recognize narcissistic traits in others and yourself? How do you have healthy relationships with narcissistic people in your life? In this summit we will look for the answers to these and many more questions surrounding narcissism.

From a Jungian perspective, it is recognized that we all need a certain degree of healthy narcissism. It is a crucial part of our individuation process that supports the discovery of our unique identity. However, this path is not without its challenges. It is possible for individuals to experience wounds or detours that can lead to excessive narcissistic tendencies and a disconnection from the true Self.

During this four day event 11 expert speakers will explore the topic of narcissism and discuss deeper psychological dynamics that are present. In this summit our teachers will offer an understanding in treating and dealing with narcissistic qualities in yourself from the perspective of your own personal development journey.

In this summit you will get the chance to:

  • Learn to recognize narcissistic tendencies
  • Explore the underlying psychological dynamics of narcissism
  • Learn about ways to deal with narcissism (in others and self)
  • Reflect on your identity and relationship to the Self
  • Restore the relationship with your inner guide 
  • Pay attention to your individuation process (Jung’s term for the process of personal development)

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