Jungian Summit on Narcissism, Day 2


(From JungPlatform)

Welcome to Day 2


Day 2 of our Narcissism summit will begin soon. We have some real treats for you today! Each of the speakers brings something unique and beautiful to the understanding of Narcissism. We hope you enjoy them, and learn a lot! 
Here is the lineup:

9am PT / 12pm ET –
Thomas Moore uses the myth of Narcissus as his guide to explore the loss of soul.

10am PT / 1pm ET – 
Akke-Jeanne Klerk discusses the challenges one faces when romantically involved with a person with strong narcissistic traits.

11am PT / 2pm ET – 
Robert Romanyshyn focuses on the soul’s suffering – its psychopathology – by regarding its symptoms as a vocation to remember what is being forgotten.

If you miss a session you’ll have 48 hours from the release date and time to catch-up using the same links. 

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