On The Finitude Of Hell

Written on: 6/8/22

when I walked out of a “hell”
just over a year ago
I did so with a certain joy
a pep in my step
and a mind that thought, foolishly,
“That shit was beyond traumatic;
Glad that’s over with!”

But ohhhhh it was far from over.

That was just the first trip.

There would be
many more to come.

But, when I was down below
the first time, the worst time,

[7/18/23 edit: “worst” ?? 🤣🤣 oh younger self…]

I thought the world above
would be much brighter once I
emerged from the door of death
and came back to the land of the
living and the faux daily grind… especially
seeing as there’s such it’s exact opposite
brewing and breeding and birthing itself
right underneath our feet ~ the only place
where Truth (being truth) can still “live on”
eternally in the Dark as something alive though

No echo…
No answer…
No reply…
No return…
No reciprocity…
No namaste…

Silence. Gone is The Voice.

And the only thing you can hear
is your own, over and over again

and over again. Not even your
echo can break though the Dark
to give you an answer or a reply.

You will be deprived of all but that which you love.

You will have you.

That’s as expected:
The intrinsic secret
and hidden curse of
Unconditional Love
lies in its nature as a
a 1-way phenomenon
that never, ever dies,
no matter what.

It’s quite terrifying.

you should see it for yourself;
you should hear it for yourself;
you should feel it for yourself;
you should go there for your Self
and see what I have seen;
or…. maybe…..
you should continue to
love what it is that your
heart loves ~ who knows?
you may find it strange and quite miraculous that a heart like yours could mysteriously grow strong enough to reach its roots  all the way down to the underworld of Hell and find something there worth announcing, or even bringing back up the the surface:
who it is,
and what it is,
and how it is
that Love lives on eternally
giving two shits about
turning itself off in the 
Darkness…which, for
Light, is just impossible. 

Look at the stars.

(the ones that are still there)

(the ones that haven’t fallen)


There is only one Way;
and that Way is Our Way.

Not solely to the Left;
Not solely to the Right;
but alllllll the way through,
down the Middle Passage,
the True Path, Our Path,
the one that leads
from life to death
and death to judgement
and judgement to rebirth
and back to life again….
for a new kind of being as
Love and Life and Truth become
stuck, eternally, in the middle with You.

And yet,

you will call it


Love is eternal:
And because of it,
Love is the hidden
double-edged blade.

Of everything True,
there is a Truth worth
repeating, in 2 letters:
Love IS eternal.

And, furthermore,

and most importantly,

the above has
nothing to do
with religion.

Behold your
triggers and
your wounds.

Behold the end

of the finitude

of Hell.

Do you see?

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