1. Okay, so, within twenty four hours, one of two things is going to happen. Either this situation is going to find itself well on its way to resolution, leaving only the few independent rednecks who’re jes tew ignrant ta help emselves ~ or all hell’s going to break loose here for me.

    I’ve been going it alone ~ and I’m willing to go down alone. Just, first, I thought I’d ask if you knew anyone with a long driveway and a good security system, where I could park out of the way, never bother anyone, and would happily shoot anybody that came on that property my own damn self. That owner themselves would have the right to sue for any audial harassment which might eventuate.

    It’s a long shot. No expectations. But if I knew that in the pinch I’d left the stone unturned of finally asking for help ~ just to see if it existed ~ well, I’d feel mighty stupid.

    Really, no need even to respond, my friend, unless in the unlikelihood that there’s some haven for a creative mind among us.

    Thanks for reading. Ciao.

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