Some Fell Among Stony Places

August 7, 2023

An ode to the new (old [young])G


Hail “Ra” 

Hail “Young Tut” 

Hail “Pharaoh”

Oh Egypt: 

Behold your new gods

brought forth 

from the mirth

of her womb.

Shall we ride? 

Rosa Parks 

speaks up

and says: 

 “Nah.”  $

Syrio Forel


"Not yet." 

The new guy 

is the next 

(unbeknown to him)

false god 

the image

made and fashioned 

by her

and fed 

to you,

her hive. 

It doesn’t look like that,

of course. 

It doesn't sound like that,

of course.

It doesn’t appear to be THAT,

of course. 

Only a lunatic

would claim 

something so 

outlandish - and oh

and didnt you spend 

several days

in a mental hospital? 

(Well yes,

of course; 

who wouldn't?)

It's bitter

and bleak.


by God, 

when you see it

(as you've seen it time 

and time and time before),

it doesn’t even have 

the initial fruit 

of being 

anything close 

to that 

at all.

(the opposite, even)


but but, 

ohhh but: 

it IS that. 

It is.

You see,

that’s what 

she does

SO well,

that angel,

that goddess,

coming to you,

coming for you,

appearing to you

as a holder

and a keeper

of pure Light. 

(Dead seed tell no tales after sSsummer’s first scorch)


ya know what,

by God,

yet again,

she’s right.



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