sheepskin shekinah


She is very, very wise.

She makes friends with the police 
after swimming in the swamps 
of the wicked.

A friend of thieves,
she introduces them 
to each other, 

you see, 

in order to 
set them at war, 
distilling peace 
and harmony
her way, 
like currency,
through power 
and knowledge
and the greed of mankind.

She is the force 
behind the forces;
the corruptor
of the corrupted;
the redeemer
of the unknown,
and undeserving;

the beasting of
 of the wild 
 of the innocent.

She is the breaker of nations,           
       the conquerer of kings,
   and the rebuilder of worlds. 

She is the gathering of storms
	   the calmer of fears,
           the rage and the ruin,
           the proof     
           and, therefore,
           the redemption. 

Not all 
who wander 
are lost,
an old uncle 
once told me…
so I suspect that, 
without her, 
my own wandering,
-oh!- would cease

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