They recruit them
for years, having
identified their
targets long,
long ago.

The scale
of the plan
is so large
that you would not fully believe it,
not even, I say, if you saw it before,
with your own eyes,
a divine showing,
just for you.

I beheld it
(which isn't to brag
and is actually quite
the whole thing)
long beforehand
(I am sorry to say) and
I did not then,
I could not then,
I would not then
as I do now.

And, as for belief...

I've never stopped.

(And how could I,

after all of what

was confirmed?)


  1. I see us to be at a unique place in history, with the basic unworkability of some of our ops of the last few generations being made unavoidably clear. Even those most dedicated to outdated dreams of racial or national “preservation” cannot dodge the imminence of ecological and economic collapse.

    We are all looking for workable answers now, and are letting back to the table many who have been kept from it by design. This is our planetary hope, and my only personal hope as well.

    1. 💖 “To give birth to the ancient in a new time is creation. This is the creation of the new, and that redeems me. Salvation is the resolution of the task. The task is to give birth to the old in a new time.”
      ~ Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 311

      1. Wow. Thank you very much for that.

        That guy so rocked, didn’t he? He kept two women, who loved each other like sisters, and to whom he sometimes referred female clients for more delicate and specialized handling. And he laughed so loud and long, people walked up from the street to find out what was funny.

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