The Greatest Trick

"The Greatest Trick"

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
was convincing the world
he doesn’t exist.

That movie
was exactly right.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
was individuating his own given gender
thus proclaiming himself
as now self identifying as


The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
was yelling at the top of his/her lungs,
alongside & with the throng of the righteous,
“Yes! Yeeeees!
Can't you hear them?
Give them their rights!
Let them have their will!
Let them choose it all for themselves!
After all ~ it's their own body! Theirs!
Not yours!
Not yours!
You are not them!"



he/she thought
the whole time
in his/her (her/hers) heart,
knowing just what it was that they all
asked Him for.

You see,
the greatest trick the devil ever pulled
is the same one he's been pulling, yes,
ever since his/her first conversation
with mankind,
with woman.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
was convincing you that he/she was
your mana,
all the good guys gone
all the gals now doe-eyed
and restless
and lonely
and waiting
for you
to make a move.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
was telling you
over, and over,
and over again:
“Love and light,
my little human friend…
if that is what… you wish, then...


  1. Isn’t it strange? I pick you up psychically perfectly clearly but sometimes have trouble understanding your poetry.

    If you left one message tonight, I got it. I then received a second notification but no second message so I hope there wasn’t one 😆

    Sent you an email 🙋

    1. u. da. BOMB!

      Sometimes I have trouble understanding it, too. Especially that last part ~ especially since (as you know) it was mentioned in my last msg to you – but from what felt (in comparrison) like an entirely different meaning (truer, human; the truest)

      So i think that (one of the things) I learned from the poem is that even that can be taken and twisted and manifested into a shadow opposite result even while in agreement of meaning and will – or something like that.

      i should probably sleep now!

      *typing on keyboard so no emoji’s to employ*
      *heart emoji*
      *hug emoji*

      1. Eh, Hollywood, schmollywood!… Schweet dreamsh… ✨

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