1. Hello Luke, I hope you are doing well and wondering how you are doing and how you have been.. It is nearly a year since we last spoke and the I Ching reading said that her kingdom will fall apart and it did. I can’t help but write to you as I miss our friendship, it means so much to me honestly. I went full circle since we last spoke, worked out a lot of things, learnt harsh lessons, another abortion in London last week and won’t ever listen to someones lies again EVER. I saw him last year and he had been in a psychiatric instituiton, had recieved a lot of help and I allowed him back into my life with tons of conditions.. I thought it was possible for people to change with help from services and therapy, fooled twice wanting to believe that the past was due to his mental illness and the true colours are revealed after months and months this year. The police may now put him away for years. I can’t believe how I got wrapped up again but I needed to double check and do something.. I got out before it was too late and starting my life again at 23. I am going to be a teacher in a forest school by the beach with children who have trauma and complex needs and would love any tips on being the best teacher possible.. The world is our oyster, and I now know the value of myself and life.

    I really hope to randomly have a phone call soon if you would like.. I miss our musings, awakenings, chats, insights and philsophy, I learn from you. I am fully free to fly now and do as I please, no restrictions. Would you come to England and I can show you around? Anything is possible, the world is filled with opportunities and I want you on this journey.. You are too precious. I would like to travel by the end of the year and come to the U.S.A.. I only know one person I would want to see there!!

    I know it all seems bizarre, but you know I have a good heart I have learnt to protect.

    Maybe I would hear your voice again, I love it.

    With Love & Hugs,
    Amber Victoria

    +44 7476 533486

  2. So, I think you are either not okay with me or not okay ~ betting on the latter, sending prayers. If you’re detained I think there will be people to let you out. Think uphill, upwind, north. See you there, or see you there.

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