There Are None

September 12, 2023

There are no advisers to speak to.

There are no guidance counselors to lead you.

The way has been shown.

All the Wisemen have spoken.

You have listened, of course,

and heard and followed.

What have they brought you to?

Count the pages of the words that you have written.

How many are there?

How many did you find?


What are you looking for?


You have it.

Are you using it?


What are you looking for?

Nothing, is your answer,

because you have already been given



Then what is the problem?

Is there one?

There is; one.

There is a problem.

You have lost yourself
and you have done so
by searching for
and finding

What are you do with this?

The answer is
that you breathe
and you open the chest
that has been given to you.

There you will find the answer.

And that is your blessing,
and that is your curse.

Are you still looking for a mentor?
Are you still hoping that someone will come alongside of you and pass down their wisdom to you as if the young man, the learner, the apprentice?


You are no apprentice,
and there is none other
on the face of this earth
like you.

Every servant who has ever lived
knew what it meant when it came
for them, too.

So breathe,
for to live
is to feel.

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  1. Hey, brother ~ I just discovered that I register a phone call from Texas two days ago which never showed up onscreen ~ shows no message left ~ if that was you try again 👌

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