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July 9, 2021

“In the face of any scrutiny, your motives will be questioned. What compels you to make promises you cannot always honour?”

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This Full Moon can be a confronting time, possibly serving to expose and unravel inconsistencies in your need for meaningful or purposeful activity. Your desire to explore unusual ideas or distant realms about your personal life, where issues have become disparate or incongruous, will become the key conflict. You must work a little more instinctively in order to reconcile or bring things into balance.

Any shortcomings, hypocrisies and conflicting attitudes with others will come to the fore, particularly in your relationships and dealings with the world. In the case of this lunation, it may bring to the surface instances where you have failed to honour your word, or someone has held you to account for something you think or may have said.

When we say one thing but mean quite the opposite, it is essential to come face to face with the terms of our agreements, deals and promises and be accountable. Some judgement may necessarily be passed, and if you choose to refuse any accusations or charges against you, maintain your freedom, you best have all the facts to back up your defence.

In the face of any scrutiny, your motives will be questioned. What compels you to make promises you cannot always honour? While you may need to come up with some answers, the best policy is to be as truthful as possible. There may have been a misunderstanding. Most likely, you promised more than you could deliver because of selfish reasons – either to gain something you wanted; to be well-liked; or perhaps because it gives you an absolute power or importance over others.

When it comes to the crunch, your interests will be under examination for veracity against the word of others. Whether it’s your ‘neighbour’ or some foreign individual, you must either come to stand by your word or do the ‘honourable’ thing. If pressed, you must come up with a compromise or face the consequences of not being entirely sincere and truthful. With Jupiter stationed in Pisces, you may make an ultimate ideal out of individualism, insisting on the rights of each person to do his or her own thing. This may be in balance; but if it is not, you may consider that chaos and anarchy are preferable to control. This may incite you to fight all kinds of structure as a way to eliminate restrictions on personal freedoms. 

Lessons will come out of any conflicts of interest and ultimately, you may need to adopt a whole new mental paradigm; a more cohesive worldview or personal philosophy through which to perceive the world if you are to experience, interpret, and understand it with any degree of meaning.

Hence, the Full Moon will hold you to an internal structure that helps you to be more faithful and true to certain principles. There may be repercussions and consequences for past transgressions, even legal disputes (if your chart is activated) which will aim to settle unresolved matters. Ultimately, the big lessons learned, it will serve to increase feelings of security and stability in your life. In some cases, influential belief structures instilled in you during your childhood and education – perhaps from religious, political, cultural, or parental conditioning may need to be reformed and brought forward.

If you become too dogmatic or rigid in your views and opinions, your emotional identification with your beliefs will hamper any real rational discussion. This rigidity of mind not only restricts your ability to progress into deeper understanding due to mental barriers, but such narrow-minded and arrogant attitudes could also seriously escalate into ethical or legal disputes.

Ultimately, if you cannot reach some understanding of why it is essential to stay true to your word, this period will create some massive fallouts.

Acknowledge the importance of holding clear values in both your personal and family interests, move beyond any infantile attachments to ideas that are limiting your growth or no longer valid by applying your empathy, imagination and intuitive inspiration to exploring new horizons.

Much depends on how you choose to expand your spiritual path. If you can stretch your thinking beyond the parameters of ancestral or inherited beliefs into exploring unique personal experiences, then you stand to gain the most satisfying outcome from the events around this lunation.

Perhaps you’ll find balance and compromise through meditative contemplation and embarking on a spiritual quest to find more meaning and purpose in your life through impeccable honesty and integrity.

~ Ang Stoic

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