[3/17] Hecate

——- I sensed F’s presence as soon as she approached, the air crackling with magic and elemental mystery. The Lady … More

[3/16] “Thousands.”

3/16/23, 5pm ———— A voice. A voice I know. But, she sounds older. And, she’s singing… “Spent all your summers … More

On Belonging

11/9/225:44pm “We told you,” they said.“She belongs to us.”  But where does asoul belong? Can it be“belonged”by another?  Does the … More

CGJ ~II~ (10/18 Pt. 1)

May 28, 2022 CGJ: Breathe. Breathe, my boy. Breathe. Come back to me. To me. To me. CGJ: A child … More