Lessonzzz Learned -XXX-

7/7/22 “The Violence in Silence” by JMac ~ Jesse McDaniel, 2019 “There’s just no substitute for the Truth.” ~ Dan … More


5/26 let’s eyeroll thehatersquoters,breathe,and telleach otherallllllll ourdeeepestdaarkestsecrets,and sit in it, silent, a loooong long while,lockinglookinglong engoughto stare the otherright into … More

Lessons Learned -X-

5/23/22 a one-wing birdwill ever not fly no matter how hardshe valiantly tries

Lessons Learned ~XIX~

5/12/22 “People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction, and anyone who insists on remaining in … More

Lessons Learned -XV-

2/26/22 “Hell is Truth seen too late.” ~ Thomas Hobbs “Aye – and Truth seen too soon is it’s Shadow.” … More