Morning Mindfulness ~LII~

9/22/22 Happy 1st Day of Fall! Oh dark act, violation, murder!Abyss, give birth to the unredeemed. Who is our redeemer? … More

Morning Mindfulness ~LI~

9/3/22 “Just because I do not accept the teachings of the devotaries does not mean I’ve discarded a belief in … More

Morning Prayer

9/3/22 Write it on your heartthat every dayis the best day in the year. He is rich who owns the … More

Morning Mindfulness ~L~

9/2/22 Watermelon manOn his wayPast the hayShining like the goldOf a fool’s prisonHe’s on his wayTo Cantaloupe IslandGrooving to the … More

Morning Mindfulness -XLVII-

8/20/22 “Two persons, one in Krishna consciousness and the other in material consciousness, working on the same level, may appear … More