[3/17] Hecate

——- I sensed F’s presence as soon as she approached, the air crackling with magic and elemental mystery. The Lady … More

The End of Love

January 30, 2023 This, then, is the end oflove:Not in thebeholding,but in the act. Love never fails. To Loveunto infinityis … More

three [10/16]

10/16/22 I: What an interesting turn of events.What a set of circumstances the past week. S: Now listen:  Much to … More

a blind man

August 19, 2022 A blind mancannot heal himself. But, if he everhopes to be healed, he must first seeand know … More

Go Your Way

Go Your Way I want youto go your own way.  The amount of workand development you haveis the amount of … More

Worth It

9/5/22 Sometimes in lifeyou have to say thingsfor what they are. You have to look at them,from all angleseven the … More

Truth Of L♾V3 ~XXXVIII~

9/4/22 “There is a special kind ofperson in this world who isoften misunderstood. These people tend to be theloners, the … More

2/15 (Part 4)

2/15 (Part 5) Continued in 2/15 (Part 6) …. We rocked gently in the swing together, under the light of … More