[3/17] Hecate

——- I sensed F’s presence as soon as she approached, the air crackling with magic and elemental mystery. The Lady … More

The End of Love

January 30, 2023 This, then, is the end oflove:Not in thebeholding,but in the act. Love never fails. To Loveunto infinityis … More

The Art of Healing -XVIX-

12/4/22 “Widowhood is more than missing your spouse’s presence. It is adjusting to an alternate life. It is growing around … More

a blind man

August 19, 2022 A blind mancannot heal himself. But, if he everhopes to be healed, he must first seeand know … More

Morning Mindfulness ~LII~

9/22/22 Happy 1st Day of Fall! Oh dark act, violation, murder!Abyss, give birth to the unredeemed. Who is our redeemer? … More