Mythology 103: Q’uq’umatz

2/21/23 Q’uq’umatz Q’uq’umatz (alternatively Qucumatz, Gukumatz, Gucumatz, Gugumatz, Kucumatz etc.) was a deity of the Postclassic K’iche Maya. \ Q’uq’umatz was the feathered serpent god of the Popol Vuh who created humanity … More

Mythology 102: Charybdis

Charybdis in The Odyssey: The Unquenchable Sea Monster Charybdis is one of the most remarkable creatures in The Odyssey. This … More

Mythology 102: Víðarr

In Norse mythology, Víðarr (Old Norse: [ˈwiːðɑrː], possibly “wide ruler”, sometimes anglicized as Vidar /ˈviːdɑːr/, Vithar, Vidarr, and Vitharr) is … More

Gods & Goddesses: Kali

Origins Although the word Kālī appears as early as the Atharva Veda, the first use of it as a proper name is in … More

Mythology 101: Odin

An excellent (and quite helpful) article on Odin from Jeremy Anderberg at over The Art of Manliness. Originally posted 2/23/2015. … More