Dragon Dance

Listen to me

A Thursday morn 
Grey skies 
Here come the rains
and as I sit here 
I'm suddenly trembling 
Because here come your dragons

The dragons have begun their dance 
growling in a  turmoiled land 

This is no mere metaphor 
I cannot stress this enough

oh my friend
oh my soul 
oh my queen 
oh my eve 
oh great Mother of earth 
oh great goddess of wisdom and war

green eyes
tune down all knobs 
and look inside 
to your inner light

Lock and listen

you carry two dragons in your chest
each one the perfect opposite of the other
both beautiful
Both legendary 
Both needed
both breathe and flow
both speak to me
and both are terribly powerful

the cage they live in
is the ribs
they sleep as if night
but when awakened 
they lazily purr in your chest 
flowing with one another 
in circles of 8

both are beautiful
both flow fluidly
a perfect harmony of equal oppossites
so that one cannot exist without the other

one of them is the white womb of life and light
and the other is the destroyer of worlds

do not ignore either one of them 
do not oppose either one of them 
they both must exist 

Just stand back when the dragons are dancing

because - listen:
the water - it’s rushing
the snowmelt from the mountain 
And the river - it’s rising. 

to the inner swell 
the rising to new levels 
they’re emerging from their dungeon
with wisdom and scars
now they’re improv dancing 
with healed broken wings 
learning to fly
learning their dance 
which to you sounds and feels like 
wrestling and waring and fighting
a thundering sky

This is the feel,
this is the flow  
of the Universe’s very own improv dance

stand back 
away from the middle of the river 

its due to the sun, that
these waters are rising -
these golden, glacial waters of light.
Its rays behind the mountain 
flood the valley and wasteland below. 
And as dragons leave their cave,
the snowmelt yawns and churns
trickling down
running down
rushing down
into the river below. 

my soul
oh my soul
beware the waters

here come the rapids 
they could drown you dead 
over and over again,
repeating it for a thousand lifetimes, 
under a sky of tossling dragons

LISTEN to me
take to the shoreline 
the dragons are raging 
tossling and turning 
each one vying to be heard 
and honored
and so they rage

None can stand here in these waters
while the dragons have their dance.
you’ll drown in the current,
and miss the whole performance
of the dancing twin dragons,
the greatest improve dance
of the Universe itself

hear me 



the water isn't what harms you
nor the sun that caused the melt. 
It’s the flooding that will. 
Its the standing in the middle of it.
The sirens are ringing, 
heralding the seriousness -
the dragons are starting their dance .
The floodwaters are coming. 
And the only ark that will save you 
is inside. 

Let go
Let go love 
The dragons must dance. 
Isn't it beautiful?
When the waters rise
do not fear them.
only, mind them.
from the safe high ground
of your mat.

be still
look within 
purr for yourself 
watching mindfully
and see how the waters they rise.

In every story
you've ever told
across a million pages
and a million lifetimes
has been the cruel murderer.
The symbol a recurring villan
stabbing you with his fear
over and over again 
in the dark of a dead black night.

There is nothing to do
There is nothing to solve
Just let go (like Burgs)
and fall
for NO one is strong enough  
to either start 
or stop 
the dance of twin dragons

Here come the dragons
Their dance will never end 
be present on the shoreline now; 
just observe, and listen.
and Be. 

That wind? 
Their wings. 
The flow of the broken-winged dragons 
alive - and learning to fly again 

stay steady
stay grounded
stay purring 
and learn what improv dance can look like
when the Universe directs the stage

and when the Earth has finished all her sighing
and the waters of the river have receded
and the dragons have found their flow
high in the sky, under the light of a full sun
swirling and circling and flowing in flight,
as the wheel of time spins on and on 
through endless cycles of the same, 
perhaps this time 
when I carry you to the river
after the river subsides
I'll look down into your eyes
and I’ll find you not dead - but breathing 
and we’ll both we shocked and wondered 
that we both are
  the same
  but somehow 
  altogether different
  than the last time -
  the hidden 3rd-verse
  of our very own themsong.

And should that be the music
playing on Universe’s jukebox,
and should we both be living,
then maybe that time - 
 - this time - 
 I can be the mysterious adorable mess
and insist that I simply MUST drive 
 with you 
 to come with me
 on a golf cart.
through a wet wasteland with you
a glorious flooded garden ground
exhausted and realing from rush of the water
a great plain being tilled
freshly soaking from the river-seed.

 Just so I’ll be the one  
driving through the mudflats
sinking tires deep in ground 
just so i can sit there 
with you 
under the sun
as dragons learn their dance
and perhaps 
I’ll be the one at a loss for words, 
confusing the hell out of you this time, 
chocking on my tears and saying “just trust me”
and ask for your left hand. 

We could sit together there a while
 watching dragons dance 
flowing, blowing, rushing, singing,
a gale force of winds, doubled - 
broken wings now in full sync.

and maybe - just maybe- 
when I carry you to the river this time
 - just as I always do, over and over again - 
maybe this time 
I’ll look down in my arms 
and find that your eyes are opened
alive and awake
and we'll look into each others eyes
like two kids on a golfcart 
knowing what we've always known
but shocked that it was all actually true
because this time 
we are here
and not quite the same 
as the last time.

and then 
when the dragons start dancing 
to final 3rd chorus
and their rage is a harmony 
demanding life and light and truth in this valley
 I’ll plunge there with you
and soak with you till sundown
in the bath of that great gold river,
its dazzle a sparkling aftermath 
for a land deprived of dragons

green eyes 
listen to me now 
take yourself from the river 
while the dragons are dancing
Take to your mat now love
take to the high ground
to the ark inside -
the voice. 
And Be. 

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