Bless You, Father

Our dysfunctional relationship with emotions has glorified the idea that men should be strong, dissociated machines.

The men of our collective are deeply suffering — mostly silently. Unable to be vulnerable. Many of them have been shamed for crying (or showing any emotion at all) since the time they were children.

Our men don’t need shaming, they need healing. They need their pain to be witnessed, heard, and understood.

Love to all the men
who were told to “toughen up,”
to suppress their emotions,
to play the role of the man of the house
when they were children.
Love to the men
who are working to heal pain
that society denies.

Love to all the men
who are taking responsibility
for their own healing.
For having the courage
to face their shadows.
For waking up to the ways
they’ve worn a mask +
played a role they weren’t meant to play.

Every man that heals,
heals his children.

~ Dr. Nicole Perera (aka The Wholistic Psychologist)

Charlie Young Self Portrait, 2020/21


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