The Art of Connection -I-

Here is something I thought about ….

how cool is it that
in this world
there is another human
that just really, truly-
understands your brain…
your heart and your soul-
with all its wildness, reckless curiosity…
with all its untamed nature…
its out-of-the-fucking-box operating system
with ALL THAT…
no matter what –
“No Matter What” –
that person is “there for you”
maybe not in person, per say,
but spiritually connected …
supporting … trusting…
giving light and sending
positive energy and prayers
even when
that nugget of doubt rolls in
when you start to believe the other
is a manipulative sociopath
that will commit murder 😹.
It is like a protective hug
that never goes away-
just rests with you- sitting there,
nuzzled in your chest cavity
like a warm coal that never cools…
beautifully resting
and exuding Love,
and Light,

~ AJL, June 2021

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