Smite The Halls (10/18 Pt. 2)


“Smite The Halls”

10/18 Pt. 2

October 18, 2022


In the Inner sanctum.
A particular subject on my mind.
I open the book, and begin to write. 

*enters CGJ*

*A conversation ensues*


CGJ: You must learn to distinguish between the two. This is of the utmost importance. The vagus nerve: did you study and address it? 

I: Not exactly

CGJ: Well what are you waiting for?! *sigh* Do you remember “too many rocks in your river”? He was right, you know. The old Indian.

CGJ: Tradesmen have trades. What’s yours? There are so many who want to talk to you. You must be careful, now. The night I made myself known to you, I adopted you and brought you into my own very being, and I brought into yours. There is no other way. “Apart from me you can do nothing.” You must abide.

CGJ: The phone recorded me, and I allowed it. Listen [to it].

I pause and reflect, not immediately understanding the reference. And then, stuffed down and suppressed, a memory from a vision months ago, back in May, arises….and I understand the reference. I know what I must do.*

I: I remember. And my stomach drops and lurches, knowing it’s there [the recording on my phone]. But… will I be brave enough to start writing and listen?

*A moment of silence, and reflection. CGJ stared at me. A decision was required.*

I: I will pause the pen, and sheathe the sword, and beg that God would unsheathe His own, and smite the halls of darkness with glorious golden light. 

I put my pen down, and retrieve the recording. I listen to the first 30 seconds or so of it when, all of the sudden, a vision rises…..of a hilltop…

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